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With enough paint, you can cover just about anything...

Aerosol spray paint is a powerful tool that can be applied to nearly anything.


In addition to cans, I also use HVLP spray guns, airbrushes, and good old paintbrushes. 

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I believe artistic creation is based

on understanding limitations and transcending them. Each project is different and presents unique obstacles, but that is also part of the appeal.


Through my years as an artist, I’ve developed a unique spatial intelligence for large scale art- how it is informed by local culture and vice versa. While my process is derived from graffiti, I take inspiration from all forms of art and versatility is one of my strongest assets. 


My creative explorations have included innovative canvases, from cars to human bodies, I have enough experience and transferrable skill sets so I can paint on most anything imaginable. 


I've worked with large corporations, commercial developers, nonprofits and also regular folks who love art.


So please don't hesitate to reach out if you feel my skills can be of service for your next project! 

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Top 5 dream painting commissions:

1. A lifesize Gundam

2. A lighter than air vehicle

3. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

4. Lewis Hamilton's FI racecar

5. A barn out in the country

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