Three paintings 40x50" spray paint and acrylic on canvas. 

'Gaea Bellium' translates to 'Earth War' which can then be viewed in two ways: 

Human wars throughout history- the East (Oriens) and West (Occasus) aesthetically represent  Samurai and Greco-Roman helmets/armor. The third piece, which has more of a 'Fallout' gas mask vibe, I titled 'Futurus.' Because, well... I don't think we're going to run out of wars anytime soon. 

I guess you could also say the floral element is my techno-futurist representation of the time honored anti-war tradition of placing flowers in gun barrels.

The military/industrial construct of the helmet(s) can also be viewed as society itself, struggling to contain the inescapable submission to nature and time. So, the more environmentalist reading of 'Earth War' would be the literal destruction of the planet.