UPSTREAM - New Seasons Grocery, Ballard

I was commissioned by New Seasons Grocery to do a mural for their new location in Ballard. I credit the designers for recognizing this beautiful new construction desperately needed some personality on the west facing wall. I used to live nearby and know the area well- when I was asked to propose a design, it was no problem creating a mural that I felt would resonate with the neighborhood.


I work as a professional muralist and have painted various locations around Seattle and the country.  Wakuda is my Japanese family name and I normally create art that explores that heritage, but this collage is a wonderful test of all of the painting skills I've learned, from gallery work to graffiti. 


The painting is one hundred percent spray paint. I sketch my design out with chalk and use a combination of freehand painting and stencils for pattern work. This allows me to work extremely quickly and in a myriad of weather conditions. The painting itself is a run of gigantic salmon, their silhouettes filled with local, Northwest iconographic imagery and text. I'm already getting a positive reception from the community and I hope to be completed by early March.